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December 12, 2006


Thanks for a informative article. I have a slightly different need. In my labels, I need the content to be centered. And, I need the first line to have a different (larger) font size than the second and third line. Can you suggest how to go about making this change?


Hi Sunil,
You could have one style for the first row and another style for the other two rows. Or just format them that way, and click Synchronize.

First you'll need to remove the soft returns in the first label. Choose View > Nonprinting characters and select each soft return at the end of each line, then press Return to replace the soft with a hard return. Then you can format each line differently.


Thanks for posting this page. Solved my problem creating return address labels.


Can you tell me how to create a style that will appear each time I create new labels? I have created a default template that OpenOffice uses whenever I create a new text document. In this template, I have updated the styles I want to have access to everytime. However, when it is obvious that when I click New>Labels it is not using the default template as none of the custom styles are present. Do you have any thoughts on how I can do this?


Hi Dave,

I'm afraid that's a complex thing to do -- I was just talking to a client yesterday about how I want to figure out how to modify the definitions of the default styles in new documents.

The styles in File > New > Labels aren't easily accessible -- you can quickly load styles from a different template under Format > Styles and Formatting , Load Styles icon (hold down the black arrow at the far right of the Styles window) but that's all I know right now.

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