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December 25, 2006


This, and getting word processors to not print the first page's number is consistently their most annoying aspects. It drives me nuts, especially because by the time I have to do this, it's 2:30am the day that this paper's due, and fussing with OO or Word is a vehemently crappy thing to do.

Hi Edward! Yeah,I'm seriously looking forward to a checkbox "don't print on first page" or something easier.

What i still have not found any cure for is how to get the toatal number of pages to also be offset with -1
ie if you have page X of Y
where Y is the total number of pages
and start at -1 so that the cover page is not counted you will arrive at Y-1 on the last page....it looks a bit bad having
page 12 of 13 in a document.
i tried with a bookmark on the last pages number but it appears that the calculation -1 happens after the information is feed to bookmark function this means that the number that the bokmark see is in the example above 13...not the number that i want. current fix is to take the last but one page.

Correction to the above on how the get the total page number to correspond in oo2.1
position the cursor where you want the number
select table>formula

The way to achieve this is defined on the Page breaks. Where you insert a page break and you have different styles of pages you can asign the next page as a specified Style and specified page.

Let say you have your cover page, then your index and then the content and you want the content to start with #1.

So when you finish Index. You put Insert > Page Break choose a page style and check on Start Page as and put #1.

After you put OK then you can have #3 start at #1.

HOWTO: Do page number offsets properly.

I wanted to create several book segments as separate OO files. That means having page numbers starting from a number greater than 1, but having the numbers appear on all pages, unlike the way things happen with the page number "offset" option.

As noted above, "offset" in the Page Number footer dialog isn't it. It took me hours to find out how to do it, which is thusly:

Set up your footer, type "Page" if you want that, then go to the "Insert - Fields" dialogue, but here select "Other".

Select the "Variables" tab. From that set of options, select "Set page variable" and choose "on" - you'll now see the "Offset" box is enabled. This is the *real* offset! So here you enter the number you want added to the page numbers, and press the "Insert" button.

You may notice that all that gets inserted is a little grey oblong - that's because we haven't asked for anything to be displayed yet, believe it or not.

Now select the "Show page variable" option in the "Variables" tab (and you'll probably want to choose "Arabic (1 2 3)", and press "Insert".

Hey presto! You now have the page numbers set to pn + the number of your choice, and it will appear on *all* pages of your document!

If you're doing different layout for right and left pages (like me) then you'll need to do this a second time for the other page layout, but the second time just do the "Show variable" step.

this will break your automatically generated index as it does not have a offset.

Struggled with offset numbers myself, but auto generated page indexes weren't considering the negative offset. Then I found a solution!
I clicked on Help in the 'Edit Fields: Document' dialog window.:)

The solution is...
1.Click into the first paragraph of your document.
2.Choose Format - Paragraph - Text flow.
3.In the Breaks area, enable Insert. Enable With Page Style just to be able to set the new Page number. Click OK.

That's it :)

Thanks for the tip.

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