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December 10, 2006


I'll try this and hope to learn something to solve the problem I'm working on at the moment: How to get "real" news from a web page or rss-feed into the Impress presentation that we are running at my school. I've tried to find help but nothing so far. Perhaps you know of a solution.

I need to get a web table from a site, designed locally. When tried, it asks username/ password. How can I cross this screen. Can I write the VBA code incorporating the password of the site.
awaiting.. would be thankful...

Hi Kailash,

I'm not sure what's causing you to be prompted for the password--sounds like that is beyond OpenOffice.org.

VBA coding is outside my area of expertise, but you might try contacting [email protected], and ask them to write to you directly with the answer.



When you are trying to get the XHTML table, it seems there is a problem if the HTML contains the XML declaration:

so you will need to get rid of it first.

HTH, Robajz

I would like to ask if anyone could help me with a question I have about the linux spreadsheet.

I want to change the default movement when the enter key is pressed. Right now when entering a series of numbers or other info in a row of cells, for ex., A1, A2, A3, when the enter key is then pushed, the cursor will go to B3. I want it to default so that it goes back to the beginning of the next row, in my example B1. Is there a way to change that default setting?

Thanks for any help you can share.

Hi Sandy,

Choose Tools > Options > OpenOffice.org Calc > General. Under Input Options, you can change what happens.


This threw me slightly, but the menu item you meant was "Link to External Data", not "Date." You can then load a table from an HTML file or I guess a URL (though I haven't tried that part).

Thanks so much! I've encountered many times over the last few years where I tried to copy a single column from a website table (using ctrl-select) and ended up with a row...

I always thought it was an issue of some option to turn a column into a row. Thus the limitations of google versus fellow humans =)

I'm still wondering if there's any way to do so?
I can think of other instances (besides websites) where doing so would come in handy, and save a lot of time.

Hi, thanks for the good post.
Anyway, i have this little problem. I create a "styled" spreadsheet.
like a "beauty" reports. you know, theres a border on columns, etc.
Now, what i did is File > Preview in browseer. and it is all OK.

So i save the file as html. then load it again in calc. (file type
Open Office Calc (*htm)). But all of the style in column are
all gone. Is there a way to retain the border or style of the columns?
when the data came from html, or via cut and paste (from browser to calc)


Hi There,
From last few days i am tring to manipulate html pages, created from powerpoint presentation(Save as Web page option).
I have inserted a html table in one of the slide0001.htm page. (Which are created when i saved the powerpoint file to a web page). This html table do show up in the browser. But it doesnot appear when i open the html file in the ms powerpoint. Please let me know. Its very urgent.


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