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December 21, 2006


Meanwhile, Fargo is having Colorado weather and the Grumpy Tech Writers made an appearance today.


WOW! I'm jealous! Living in the Atlanta metro area we don't see much snow...and definitely not that much. The most we can ever hope for is a light dusting when it does snow.
By the way, you did an excellent job with your book.

Brian! How the heck are ya? Oh poop, I'm sorry I missed holiday wine and cheese. I shall attempt to browbeat them into getting me a copy. (I still have the video of me and Kara, and of Kara and Tracy.)

Hi Felicia,

I'm pretty pumped -- I think I get another snow day today since we're still not plowed out. Just me and the cats.

Thanks, I'm glad you like the book!


Looks like a great time to relax by the fireplace :-)

On a side note I remember you mentioning open source in libraries. Might want to have a look at:

Hey, came by your blog through Kathy Sierras blog, because your name seemed norwegian (or at _least_ scandinavian). But then I read this post and you mentioned Fargo as a place of snow, so I wondered if you've ever lived in Norway? ;) Anyway, this christmas was slightly disappointing for me due to the complete lack of snow here - I've _never_ had a "green" christmas before.. Kind of wish I was up north in Norway again just because of it (still, south of Norway _should_ have snow by now).

Hi Frode,

I haven't lived in Norway, but am from a family that's very proud of and into their Norwegian heritage. My dad is genuinely surprised when he finds someone who hasn't heard of lutefisk, for instance.

Where is the Here of your green Christmas?


Hehe, lutefisk.. Can't say I'm that much of a lutefisk eater, but it's a famous dish at least.

I live in Asker, a suburb of Oslo. So it's south-east in Norway, and we usually have a fine amount of snow here, except this year.

I keep wondering, how is it to live in USA with such a norwegian name? Do people actually try/manage to pronounce "Solveig"?

Hi Frode,

Mostly I tell people "It's as if it's SOL VAY" and a look of peace and understanding spreads across their faces. ;>

Funny thing; Lutefisk showed up in a silly celebrity trivia quiz in USA Today.

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