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November 27, 2006


There is also the Webcast capability built into Impress. I recently discovered that, and it looks quite useful -- not yet as feature-rich as many commercial tools, but sufficient for many needs. Coupling it with a temporary, dedicated Jabber or IRC chat room might make a really nice system.

Hi Bill,

That's right! In the File > Export option, choose HTML. Click through and in the third or so window choose to do a webcast. Good point.


i have uploaded one excel sheet on sharepoint. with Read/Write access to all.
when user with opens that using open office, make some changes and saves the file, the changes doesn't get effect on sharepoint file.
what should i do?? i m using sharepoint 2.0

Maybe interesting to see the differences between the products named above? Sadly enough slideshare isn't on this website but O3Spaces and Sharepoint are..


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