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November 20, 2006


Useful webpage, however it would be handy if you mentioned what version of openoffice you were using. The Find and Replace box on mine (2.0.4) looks quite different with, alas, no search for styles option.

Having explored the problem some more I see that I made a mistake. My version of openoffice does have search for styles, however the option disappears if you have specified some formatting in one of the search or replace boxes. Clicking No Format brings it back.

Hi Julian,

Thanks for the tip about the formatting! I will add that to the blog.


Hi, this is really great - however I found this when looking for a way to _select_ all the objects in a drawing which has a specific style applied. Do you know of a way to do this?

Example in oodraw: I open Styles and formatting (F11) and then right click a particular style and there should be a menu entry "select objects". Using that should be the same as selecting using the mouse the objects which have this style applied. This would be very useful - one could use styles as "layers" (and gnuplot produced material would be much easier to edit).

That would be a great feature, Peter, but I don't think there's a way to do it. That would be huge for workin' fast, though.


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