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October 24, 2006


I did download 2.0.4 but haven't yet install it... ouff! I was having this weird feeling...

Strange cause I had to download the whole package; it did update from the help menu 'Check for update' link.

Hey thanks for all this site and your intense sharing Solveig. I love reading your material!
Keep up the good work!

Paco 8-)

Have installed 2.0.4 and no issues. Good to see they have fixed the issues with the database [report wizard issue].

I installed and have been using 2.04 since the day it was released. No problems here. What problems are you having exactly?


No problems here, Solvieg -- I did uninstall 2.0.3 first, but it's working dandy on a computer running XP SP2

Have been using both OpenOffice and StarOffice on W2K and WinXp and they have worked just fine. Tried OpenOffice on Linux (Ubuntu) and got a lot of trubble with Impress. I thought it was the same on all platforms but it seems to work best in Windows. Anyone who had the same experience?

Yes, Olof, I experience problem with OpenOffice 2.0.2 on Ubuntu 6.06 Particularly when I tried to use templates. It quit and I have to restart the program.

I get a couple different errors but they both result in absolute crashing. Desktop says that there is some file (I forget) causing a problem and that the program has been asked to shut down in an unusual way. Laptop just crashes, then starts recovery, then crashes.

I'll try it on my Linux laptop and check things out. Glad to hear that it's working well for others, at least. ;>


I also had problems when trying to install 2.0.4 on a XP laptop - but then I halted my virus program (Avira) while installing and everything worked fine.

I accidentally installed OO 2.04 before I had installed 1.1.on my Apple iMAC . How do I uninstall the 2.04 version? I don't see it on the Applications panel. OO 1.1 will not install after 2.04 is found on my harddrive.

Is there an "uninstall" utility"?

I misread the situation. I need to install the X11 unix graphical interface before installing Open Office 2.04. This is available on my MAC Tiger installation CD.

Help! I've installed Open Office 2.0.4 on my MacBook running OS X. The problem is when I try to save files in Impress, Open Office keeps on crashing and will not allow me to save presentations in powerpoint format. I've tried reinstalling the program, but to no avail. What else can I do?

Hi Patrick,

Yikes -- I'm sorry but I don't know what to do on mac. There might be help in the archives of [email protected] mailing list on www.openoffice.org, or try emailing the list?


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