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September 18, 2006


Thanks for your howto on the cover page numbering and new sections, I am in the middle of migrating myself from MS Word ... phew! I agree, there could be a dialog for page numbering for a new section, new page, the page-numbering in MSW is bizarre in the extreme ...

Thank you so much for the page numbering information! I was going crazy trying to figure out how to start numbering on the second page until, of course, I found this entry. I didn't expect page numbers to be the most difficult part of my term papers!

Isn't it odd, such a simple thing is sooo not obvious? This is my number one wish for a future version: a nice checkbox instead of using styles.


Thank you for the how-to. Quite a cumbersome solution to a common problem! I do agree that this should be a simple standard feature.

Yeah, if there were one thing that would make training classes simpler, it would be this feature. I give clients a template with this feature built in.

Thank you for your how-to. Very useful. I wonder if it is possible to re-start page count from a given page ( section ) in the document?

Hi Ivan,

You can choose Insert > Manual Break at any point, select any page style in the dropdown list, and then select the checkbox to restart page numbering. Then type 1 or wherever you want to restart.


Thanks so much for the info, I'd already given up on the landscape thing but now I can do page numbers AND add landscape pages :D

Hey thanks for this. Really helped me!

How about adding a page count of a section?
I have a paper with an introductory section (numbered i, ii, iii) and the main body with numbers 1...56. I would like to have a field in the introductory section, containing the number of pages of the main body of the paper (i.e., 56) and have that automatically updating. I'm sure there is a way to do this, just haven't figured it out yet.

Hi Mikael,

That's a bit of a brain-cruncher. So you want to display a field showing the total number of pages in a subsection of a document.

The only thing I can think of is a hack. Put a normal page number field, in white so it doesn't display, at the end of the content so it displays the number on the last page. Then use a cross-reference or bookmark to display that page number in black, wherever it appears. (Select the white page number, Insert > Cross Reference, select Set Cross Reference, and name it. Then back where you want to display the total page count, choose Insert > Cross Reference, select Insert Cross Reference, pick the cross reference previously created, select Reference as the format.)

I just tried it and it worked.


How to start on the very first page with a different pagenumber from 1?
I am in the process of writing a book, but as it grows too large I've cut it in pieces (Oo lack of speed!). But the second part must begin with the pagenumber+1 of the first part. Each piece will be exported in pdf and than glued together.

I have tried a manual break as the first character of a new piece but got an extra empty page. How can it be fixed?

Thank You!!

I love the capability of OO to .pdf but couldn't figure out how to make it do my legal stuff. No page numbers on some pages, Numbering i,ii on some, numbering 1,2 on some. If you want to do an appellate brief it contains many things, some not numbered, some have to be counted. It's crazy.

You just saved me a HUGE!!!! headache.

(no I'm not an attorney, I was forced into a civil matter as a plaintiff, don't ask, long story)

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