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August 02, 2006


can you sent me pictures of tables set up for this

Hi Teresa,

You can download it here


Some kids think that if Math is not inportant they should think again. Math is very inportnat no matter how much it takes to learn. It is fun to do!!!!!!!

I love that you created this sheet for math practice and I will use it with my children.
However, I was attempting to create a sheet that showed the grid of multiplications up to 25 using OpenOffice.org Calc. You know the kind, 25 down and 25 across, but I am finding I can't use the copy and paste method to do it. Instead if I want formulas, I have to enter in a formula for each cell such as =A5*G1 (for 4X6) and then next cell is =A6*G1 (for 5X6) and so on until I hit A26 and then start all over again with =A1*H1 and then =A2*H1. At that speed it would be faster to just enter the numbers instead of formulas. Do you know of better/faster ways to fill in the grid or is what I found basically the only thing that can be done?

Hi Professor,

The formula specifies 1-12 rather than 1-25. Change the formula, then drag or copy and paste all the data.

I'm going to repost this today as a new post for January 26th, and I'll post a new version there, with the same one done a little differently. It's any random number between 1 and 25, times another random number between 1 and 25.

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