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July 06, 2006


How do I create a PDF using OO from commandline???
I want commandline options for PDF creation in OO.

Hi Kaustav,

I believe you need a macro to do this. See this topic on converting word to PDF which I think should work.



You can also batch convert files to PDF using the Web Wizard. See http://openoffice.blogs.com/openoffice/2006/02/our_pdf_prince_.html


The pdf conversion is absolutely great. Is there any way to create fillable pdf forms using Openoffice.

Hi Solveig,

I am doing a feasability study now to migrate from MS Office to OpenOffice or StarOffice.

I also saw that the PDF creation with links is a big plus and may even eliminate the need for Adobe Acrobat, which could save us a lot of money as well.

Just a small question: Is there any way I can have the PDF I just generated open up in Acrobat Reader when it's done to see the result?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Regards and keep up the great work!


Hi Parminder,

I don't think that there's a fillable form feature in the OpenOffice PDF features. Sounds like a good opportunity for an ambitious open source programmer, though. ;>


Hi Cheski,

>> Just a small question: Is there any way I can have the PDF I just generated open up in Acrobat Reader when it's done to see the result?

I don't know of one; it sounds like perhaps a small shell script of some sort, in the operating system, would do that if you can have your PDFs going to a few specified directories. Just a guess, though.


A set of conversion tools to convert PDF documents into other popular formats.


How do I remove the grey shading behind the hyperlink in a Calc Spreadsheet?

Hi Rodney,

Gray shading won't print, so you don't need to remove it. However, if you choose View > Field Shading, that should hide it.

To remove the hyperlinked attribute, you can select the text and choose Format > Default.


Hi, I appreciate the help, but there is no Field Shading option in a Calc Spreadsheet.
So is there any other way to remove the gray shading or possible change the color to make it invisible in a Calc Spreadsheet.

Hi Rodney,

I've just been fiddling with Calc and I can't even get URLs to show up gray, period. Not sure what's up. Try going under Tools > AutoCorrect, Options tab, and unmark the URL Recognition checkmark.

Then try the Format > Default Formatting, and try reopening OpenOffice.org as well.


How can I make a linked TOC with OO 2.1? I read your post but I can´t find E# and LS buttons in the new OO version?

Best regards

Hi Roberto,

Insert > Indexes and Tables > Indexes and Tables, Entries tab. Click to the left of the first entry in the Structure area and click Hyperlink, then again to the right of what you want hyperlinked and click Hyperlink again.

I am trying to create the Hiperlinks as explained above in the table of contents with OO 2.2, but it does not appear linked. Do I need to convert into PDF to see the links, or anything has changed with version 2.2.Thanks

I am trying to create the Hiperlinks as explained above in the table of contents with OO 2.2, but it does not appear linked. Do I need to convert into PDF to see the links, or anything has changed with version 2.2.Thanks

Hi Hugo,

In the TOC setup window, in the Entries tab, be sure to select the default character style for the hyperlinks in the Character Style list. It's Hyperlink or something very close. Also be sure to click hyperlink twice, once before some text to get the LS indicator and once to get the LE indicator after the text.

The links should function correctly in the doc and the PDF.


Hi again Solveig,

I have tried the default character style, which I found as "default" and it does not work either. I have both hiperlinks, before and after the entry set. I include the entries by selecting text and doing edit->Index Entry adn adding to the table of contents. Is that correct? Any idea of my mistake?Thanks !

I have hyperlinked a sound file (mp3) in on OOo document and would like the link to be preserved in the conversion to pdf. As far as I can see, the conversion only preserves links to other documents. I really need the links to be relative as well (so that I can put the document and supporting files on a CD, etc.). Is this possible?


Hi Bruce,

I don't think PDF would work, if it's not working when you export and select the Tagged PDF checkbox when you export. You might try exporting to Macromedia Flash or to HTML instead.


Hi Solveig,

Thanks for your reply. I am able to accomplish the required results exporting from MS Word to Adobe using the Adobe pdf converter, but it would be nice if I could do this in OpenOffice as well. Apart from the OpenOffice exporter, Adobe only offers a printer driver that works in OpenOffice and this doesn't preserve the links properly.

Thanks again

I'm trying to add hyperlinks to a table of contents generated by OO from a newsletter produced originally in Word. The table comes up fine, but no hyperlinks. Even if I use the original Word TOC, which had working hyperlinks, I get nada. I can create a document from scratch, generate a TOC, and the links work. I even tried changing all the imported styles in the Word document to native OO Heading styles. Zilch. This is very frustrating because I was excited about being able to export working internal hyperlinks to a PDF for distribution. ANy thoughts? Thanks.

OK, the advice to a previous query which I hadn't seen fixed the hyperlink problem when I made sure that the E box was formatted for "Internet Link". Now my twin problem is that, when I reformat the TOC to be two columns, I lose all the hyperlinks. The TOC generator does not convert manual returns (in the topic headings) to spaces, so I have to change them. I don't find any way to do a Global Search and Replace on special characters (like manual return or even paragraph) in OO. Is there such or is it coming Real Soon Now in 2.4? Many thanks for the column. I got your book, but it doesn't answer everything.

Oops, not as successful as I thought. The TOC entries LOOK like hyperlinks (blue, underlined) but don't link. I tried starting an OO Writer document from scratch and could make the TOC and Hyperlinks work only for Heading 1 items (I need three layers of headings). I can manually, individually, install bookmarks in each Heading 3 item and hyperlinks from the TOC entry, but that's a lot of work the computer should be able to do. Arghhhh!

Hi Rob,

You've pointed out something I need to add that is no longer a default. When you choose File > Export to PDF, thenin the big options window, first tab, choose Tagged PDF. This means, make the links into links in the PDF doc. not very obviously labeled, I know. ;>

Re the searching and replacing for carriage returns, it's in this blog. Click the Writer category at the right side of the blog, wait an eternity for it to load, then search for "Carriage return" on the page.

I could have sworn I put it in the book, I'll check. Definitely something that should be in the book if it's not.


So ... will OO work to take a Microsoft Word file, hyperlink within the text (table of contents, etc.) and allow affiliate links to other websites (like Amazon) and then upload everything into Adobe Acrobat Distiller if I already have Adobe Acrobat?

If so, are there things I need to keep in mind? Will people be able to open the links in Adobe Reader? I'm not that technical, but I'd like to get my ebook out soon, and it would make it a lot more user friendly if people could link directly to recommended products and websites.

Thanks for your input!

Hi Laura,

If you have Distiller and Acrobat you have more powerful tools than there are in OOo.

If in OOO you choose File > Export as PDF, and select Tagged PDF in the first window/tab (it's on by default), any links in the document will be hotlinked in the resulting PDF.


I like the idea of putting the "back to top" hyperlink in the footer. However, the footer hyperlink won't export to pdf (the other hyperlinks work fine, just not the one in the footer). Any ideas?


To make the "Back to Top" link, try cross-references.


Also be sure that when you choose File > Export at PDF, that the Tagged PDF checkbox is marked.


great info here...by any chance do you know of a way to translate the language of a PDF and then re-export into PDF format? thanks for the great tips already...

Hi, and thanks for the information about OpenOffice.org. I use it a lot for all kinds of projects like the one you describe, but I am having a peculiar problem that I hope you can shed some light on. When I create a document (that I "save as" to Microsoft Word format) that has a link to another document, it seems to work all O.K. However when I close the file, then re-open it, the link changes from the second document to a web address (http://document-name.com). No matter what I do, it always works after I save the file, but when I close it and open again, there's that problem of reassigning the hyperlink to a web address from the original document location. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch.


Hi Randy,

That sounds frustrating! And I'm afraid I can't reproduce it. When you create the link, do you click the Hyperlink button, then make sure that you've specified Document type, in the section at the left where the icons are? That's the only thing I can think of; that the link is being set up as an Internet link.



I found a couple of good answers on this website in the past so many thanks for that. Now I have a question regarding hyperlinks. Is there a way to show the full url when printing. I am creating a reference doc that will be printed as a handout, so I need to show the full url, but I would like to keep the online version tidy, with only the tags. Is this possible?

kind regards,

Hi M,

Not as you describe, unfortunately. I think you would need to insert the URL as a Note (insert > note), or as a footnote, then click print, click options, and choose how to print your notes.

There is another way how to export the PDF from OpenOffice.org.

Simply use FlexiDoc web user interface.

how to navigate back to a hyper link after reaching its destimatiom ?

Hi Arunchandran,

You'll just need to do it manually. One thing to do is to just put in the footer a link back to the top. Do a link to the title of your document. You can do this with a hyperlink or try cross-references.



I made table of contents hyperlinks (LS on the leftmost, LE on the rightmost), which work correctly on writer. However, when converted to PDF (tagged PDF is checked), The links disappear. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Gil,

I'm afraid I'm not sure. Hover your mouse over the linked TOC in PDF, the link might be there and just not visibly obvious. Also test the conversion by, in Writer, just choosing Insert > Hyperlink and inserting any hyperlink. See if that converts and the TOC doesn't, just to narrow it down.


Hi Solveig
All other links are converted correctly. Also the acrobat bookmarks, which are made from the links in the TOC are there. yet, (even if hoovering or clicking) the links in the TOC itself (the "printed" one) are not converted.

Thanks for Sharing.

The hyperlinks I created in OpenOffice writer, and then exported to PDF, do operate properly. Instead of going to the proper destination, it opens the PDF in a new tab!
How to export hyperlinks to PDF. I tried the tagged PDF option too. It doesn't work.

This is just AWESOME information and it has saved my company thousands of dollars!!! Thankyou!


We're using the OO Java utils to create PDFs from HTML templates. For some reason the single quote character(') is being converted into a collection of: a with an accent, Euro sign, TM sign

Any ideas why this happens?

Hi T Clarke,

I'm afraid I'm not much of a Unicode expert; do you have curly quotes on under Tools > AutoCorrect, Quotes? If so turn them off.


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How can I make a linked TOC with OO 2.1? I read your post but I can´t find E# and LS buttons in the new OO version?

I've created a pdf e-book from my open office. Very pleased with it. However, I suggest several websites in the book (which I can affiliate with). How can I insert the affiliate code securely into my PDF file?

Thank you

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