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July 03, 2006


I am running OpenOffice.org 2.0.2 and when I select File --> Export as PDF I get only the same save dialogue as with the icon. I do not get the options. Is there a bug/configuration problem which I should sort?

Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael,

The dialog lets you name the file; once you do and click OK then you'll get the options.


I just downloaded openoffice and thought I'd try it out.

It does not seem able to open pdf files (?)

I can see that it is able to export/write pdf format - is it really not able to read the pdf file
back in ??

Is this some condition demanded by Adobe copyright ?

This seems like a severe limitation of openoffice (that you can create a pdf, but can't
do anything else with it, e.g., read it back in and print it out). If you have to buy
Distill to do that, then you don't really need openoffice to work with pdf's, no ?

-Mike Hagerty
New England Seismic Network Manager

Hi Mike,

You just need to double-click the exported PDF file on your hard drive, and the Adobe Reader will open it. (Or download from www.adobe.com.) Office suites really aren't designed to read PDFs since the Reader is free and widely available.

There is even a way how you can do this automatically.
Just start OpenOffice in server mode and with using OpenOffice.org API it is a matter of few lines of code, as explained here:


I have open office. I have a form I want to send to my clients have them check off the boxes and email back to me. Can you tell me step by step how to do this?

Thank you

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