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July 19, 2006


Dear Solveig,

Thanks for this tip - I'm finding it useful just at this very moment. However, like you, "I personally prefer to use spreadsheets, so I would do the calculations in a spreadsheet and then just copy and paste". Yet when I try to do this from Calc to Write, it just pastes the cells as an image rather than a table. I can stretch and skew the image but can't manipulate the table as such. Any ideas? I hope this isn't too dumb a question.

I'm using OpenOffice under Windows XP.



Hi John,

There are no dumb questions! Good point. To manipulate the pasted spreadsheet in a Writer doc, click and/or double-click the spreadsheet. (I find it varies, either that or my memory is slipping. ;> ) Then the toolbars change and you get the Calc toolbars. Select the cells or click in them to do what you want, then click back in the main part of the Writer doc to get out again.

And how do you copy a formula so that if cell g5 contains =* cell g6 contains =*?

And how do you post a comment that contains a formula so that the formula is visible to forum readers? In the most recent case:
"And how do you copy a formula so that if cell g5 contains =* cell g6 contains =*?"
has no meaning. There should have been an "" before the first "*" and an "" after the first "*"
The text before and after the second "*" should have been the same, except that the cell addresses should have referred to row 6.

Having copied my data from writer to calc, done the calculation described in my previous post for each row, how do I paste the results into the writer table so that each result goes in its own row / cell?

I've tried Edit>Paste Special>Unformatted Text and Edit>Paste Special>Formatted Text [RTF], both of which put all the results in one cell. Choosing the column that should contain the result rather than its first cell made no difference.

Word processor tables are not spreadsheets, but it seems reasonable to expect them to do the basics (copy and paste with cell address adjustments, paste a group of cells into a same-size group of cells (whether the cells come from a word processor table or a spreadsheet), in a congruent way.

Hi George,
If you select cells in Calc and then go to Writer, use paste special with Formatted text which should put each Calc cell in a separate Writer table cell. Just do a paste into an empty line of the document and it should create its own table successfully.


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