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June 20, 2006


Thanks for the review, Solveig. I got my account and really haven't piddled around too much with it. Looks nice, but I just wouldn't want patient data (from my hospital) or financials sitting out in googleland right now. :) I'm timid when it comes to security.

I applaud Google for giving this the old college try. I certainly can see some good basic use for this, but I'll stick with Calc and then Excel when I have to use VBA.

You're right though -- we'll look back on this and laugh when we remember that we used to have applciation software on our computers.

Heya Linker,

Yes, security isn't the strong suit, though at least Google did fight the good fight regarding giving out identification info to the gummint, while the phone companies apparently just rolled over. Not that that solves enough problems; just wanted to give'em their due on that count.

The comments on osnews.com (where the review got picked up, yay!) did talk about the angle I like, which is mom&pop or small organizations that don't want to deal with IT. No licenses, troubleshooting (well, not much), none of those gruff condescending IT people ;> etc.

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