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June 27, 2006


I can personally attest that Microsoft Access 2007 beta 2 does not play very nice with some of the same VBA code that I've used for years.

I'm trying to figure out:
A. If I should re-code the database
B. Go with some combo of MySQL and Adobe or some other reporting mechanism.

Right now, B is the one on the table.


I'm a Linux and WebApplications developer, I've been using Linux for about 9 years and completely erradicate Windows from my hard drives, this let me to use OpenOffice since the very beggining of my existance and to abominate MS Products.

I'm a Open Source lover and a Passionate Penguinist.

An even hate Microsoft for their stupid things linke Internet Explorer or Windows... :)

But.. today I've tested the Office 2007 suite on my Mom's PC, and I must say that even being a MS Product, this become very good.

The new look & feel is very nice, and I think that "not so stupid " users can learn how to use it very fast.

Also I think that Openoffice should upgrade the visual interface a bit.... Perhaps, discovering a new design basis for usability and visual comfort.

I think that the UI of Openoffice is kind old and could be improved, as we are on a time that everything is changing... the applications are becoming wild ajax web-based, and the people is looking for functionality, usability, practicity and beauty.

Developing Software is like a art, and sometimes the art changes for good :)


Hi Ygor,



It's OK to like MS Office products. It's good to try both. Most people who fear or criticize open source (OK, I don't know this but I assume it ;> ) haven't actually given open source products a test drive.

The fundamental question is, is this lovely new elegant interface worth $600, or $60,000, or $600,000, keeping in mind what you could do with the money if you weren't spending it on MS Office. Create a better pecan pie. Do cancer research. Increase your teachers' pay enough to retain the good teachers.

Thanks for your unbiased post!


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