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June 12, 2006


Hi Solveig,

Being true to your word, you posted about tables. Excellent blog entry and very helpful, thanks so much!

Hopefully others find it beneficial as well.

Hi Kevin,

I'm glad it's helpful! I've already got Wednesday's and Friday's blogs in the can -- formatting borders and shading, and uberformatting the much easier way with AutoFormats.


Uh... in view of the "delete the entire table" part of this post, do you think it would be a good idea to just get into the habit of putting in a carriage return on top of the table? (Unless, of course, it would screw up your other formattign too much. But my experience is that many single-page fill-in-the-blank forms are made with tables, and a single carriage return at the top wouldn't make that much difference in these.)

Hi Jim,

I think it would be a good idea, definitely. Another related aspect that I'll blog on next week is captions, regular and automatic. If you always have a caption, then the carriage return of regular text is built-in.

As for fill-in-the-blank forms, I think HTML forms are a handier solution than input fields. But that's a whole nother thing.


I've figured out how to make and modify tables in writer, but I can't figure out how to get the text to wrap around the table. Some of my tables are small, and it is visually unappealing to have them take up the whole witdh of the page. Yes, I can grab the outside edges of the table and move them to make the table smaller, but the surrounding text refuses to make use of the resulting whitespace. Can you help me?


Hi Tim,

One approach is to put your table inside a frame. Then in the frame's Type tab (double-click the frame to get the properties window) be sure that both height and width are autosized.

I don't know of a way to make the table itself wrap-around-able. That would be nice a nice feature.

I've struggled with deleting and cutting/pasting tables with Writer and want to thank you for your tips. Is there any way to cut a table without having a blank line above it?

"If you want to move a table, just cut and paste."

I think you made a small typo. Here, I corrected it for you:

"If you want to move a table, too bad, you can't! You're gonna have to cut and paste that immobile mother!"

Well, it's all a matter of how you like to phrase things. ;>

I don't seem to be able to cut a table. I can select the whole table, yes, but the 'cut' option in Edit-menu is grayed out.

What's up with this? I'm using OOo writer 2.4.

Hi Cutter,

When you cut a table, the content if any is cut, not the table itself. So if you have no content, the cut function is disabled. To get the table from one place to another in the doc, copy and paste, then delete by selecting the table and clicking the Delete Row or Delete Column icon on the table toolbar.

If you want to move table, at first insert frame, and into that frame insert table. By moving frame you're moving table.

Hey there,

When typing in tables, text normally will finish with one column and go to the next. (i use 1 row x 2 columns for my documents). however, now the text disappears to the bottom, out of sight, and red arrows appear. How can i just get the text to automatically got to column #2 or column #1 on the following page?


Hi Ace,

I'll bet the Table Properties under Text Flow have something to do with it. Select the table, choose Table > Table Properties, Text Flow tab. Be sure the row is allowed to break, to split over pages, and just generally check every tab and be sure nothing looks too restrictive.

Well, that seemed to get rid of the red arrows, but the text still disappears. I can hit backspace and pull the text back to visibility, but still... It's like the text is bound to the column, and can be pushed out of sight...almost like there is infinite space available in the column, but only the top 20 or so lines are visible....hmm....

by the way....thanks for replying so quickly!


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