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June 27, 2006


Thanks for this tip, very helpful!

Where is this documented in the online help of OO Writer ?
I did not get any help there ! The chapter: Special character doesn't say it, mentions only hyphen.
Are there other/additional codes one can enter ?

Hi Rene,

The help topic is "List of Regular Expressions." You can type that into the help search box.

Thank you!!!!
I have wondered for a couple of years--literally--how this could be done. I even occasionally returned to M$ WORD just to get rid of those unwanted linebreaks.
I always figured there that Writer had a way to do this, as it is all-in-all a good piece of software.

Here is a crude way to do a line break with a paragraph mark (^l to ^p in Word).

1) Select and Copy or Cut the text with unwanted line breaks from the OpenOfficeWriter document.
2) Paste the text into a new WordPad RTF document.
3) Select and Copy the text again from WordPad.
4) Paste the text into a NotePad TXT document.
5) Select and Copy the text again from NotePad.
6) Paste the text back into OpenOfficeWriter.

Wa La -- line breaks are now paragraph characters.

This feature is really hard to figure out without this blog post. Can I request a drop down list of special characters for find&replace?

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