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May 09, 2006


I didn't notice that, that's cool.

Hi there,

There is another sample in :

- Alias episode 212 with OpenOffice Writer

- Desperate Housewives episode 220 with OpenOffice Calc


No WAY! Desperate Housewives, and OpenOffice on Linux??? That's like--well, I don't know, like something very odd. Very much a contrast. And two different networks too since House is on Fox.

Thanks for the links!


Do you reckon it's a legal issue? Don't know if the MSFT or Apple licenses have restrictions about using their stuff on TV or the movies, but that's the first thought that crossed my mind.

How geeky is it to notice what kind of software is on a computer screen on a TV show, though? (Geeky in a good way, that is.)

Hey Roy--nice to hear from you. Good point. Apple is all about its hardware being used (in Good situations by Good characters) but maybe the software is a different situation.

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