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April 05, 2006


Looks like you are getting some comment spam. You might want to look into implementing CAPCHAS or something like that to help prevent the automated stuff. I am not sure about how you would do it on typepad as I use the Serendipity Weblog System. If you want a translation of the spam, you can go here http://babelfish.altavista.com/ and it will translate it for you from Japanese to English. :-)

Yeah--it's actually my first comment spam in a while. I did have typepad set up to just hold all comments and trackbacks but then I just thought it would be better for commenters to see stuff immediately. Plus, I've got the CAPCHA thing turned on so... ?? Anyway, have deleted the spam, we'll see what happens.

I do like when you can see comments immediately, it gives more of an interactive feeling, and it lessens the burden of having to approve every comment and trackback. Though I think that there might be something wrong with the setup as I have never had to enter a captcha when making a comment to your blog. So that might be something to look into. Even with this one I wasn't presented with a captcha.

I love your excellent blog. I'm learning so much about OO since I found it, Thanks

Te saludo desde el profundo sur de América (CHILE).


Thanks! I'm glad it's useful.


Go ahead and contact Userful... We have the system at our library and they are the NICEST people on earth to deal with. They're very open to suggestions on how to improve the product, which is already really good.

take care

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