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April 14, 2006


That's great to have clarified, thanks. Happy to find your blog too. I see that you have a link to Freedom Toaster on your sidebar, did you see the interview I did with the founder of the project? It's at http://netsquared.org/hudson

Best wishes!

Thanks Marshall! I've updated my blog on the toaster with links to your interview and the Go Open Source site.

Thanks, Solveig, for the clarification! And I'm sorry I wasn't clearer, or for that matter, complete, in my answer.

Indeed, there are many books out there. I was just trying to foreground the work of the community, of which you are a nice part :-)



Hi Louis,

Thanks for swingin' by! Yes, I of course meant no criticism of you or Marshall. I just wanted to hammer it home, for my own book-sale reasons of course ;> and because it's just funny how many people think that there are no 3rd party resources for OpenOffice.org and other products.


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