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March 08, 2006


I'm grabbing it now off the main OO.o site. Thanks for the pointer!

BTW, it might help some of us for you (and, preferably, OO.o) to mention clearly how to install OO.o updates. Do you have to remove the old version first? Do you need to do anything special to existing files and templates? I think the answer is "No" for OO.o, but I've seen enough other software want its prior version to be removed first that I always look, and I never can find that information on OO.o.

Ah, found it (sort of). http://download.openoffice.org/2.0.1/instructions.html doesn't say you have to uninstall older versions first, so I guess that's the answer. I don't know why it's not easy for me to find from the main OO.o page.

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