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March 14, 2006


I linked to this entry via the LIB blog which I read obsessively. I'm a public librarian in San Jose and you would be quite surprised how many of your ideas are either already in place or are being seriously discussed. I know I am one of the biggest fans of Open Source Software and evangelize about it at work quite a lot. Corporate sponsorship is being discussed and we do get some for specific programs.

Though you grew up in Alaska, if you are anywhere near San Jose, I would love to have you come visit my branch and see what that Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving every day busy actually looks like! The coffee vendor is going in sometime in April and I hear the wireless is being turned on in 3 weeks or so.

Cheers and keep rooting for Libraries!

Hi Sandra,

Wow! So glad that while I might not be coming up with wildly original stuff, that you're doing it! I hope the corporate sponsorship works bigtime. And coffee too! I'm rooting for a big purple overstuffed chair in there somewhere.See, there's just no reason to go to Starbucks when you can hang out in the library. (ooh--another idea--are you doing a low-profile dating service as part of the coffee area? ;> I hear museums are making money with singles nights, wine and cheese, art classes...)

Am currently in Colorado. However, my boyfriend will be there in early April, and if you're anywhere near his hotel I'll send him over to hang out and use the wireless.

Thanks for posting!

So Solveig, let's say i'm a librarian running Ubuntu and OpenOffice, and I wanted to insert an MP3 or OGG file as part of an Impress presentation.

When do I start crying?


Hi Miguel,

Go with it, let the tears run, express yourself.... ;> I posted on your site.


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Whoops! Well, he was a good Lutheran and he worked for NOAA....so both? ;>

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Controversial! I particularly like the libraries to continue being the way they are, the slightly musty, friendly smell of old books and magazines. Sorry to copy your words but they are right on the dot for me.

Interesting article.

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