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February 17, 2006


Thanks for this detailed article

As CSV file extensions are usually customized by "users", depending on their origin, one often need to adapt OOo so that it recognize them automatically as CSV files

Here are the instructions to setup an extension to be opened as a CSV file by default


Ok, here's a question. How do I convert a single column of address into a .csv file.

Bill Blogs
31 Smith St
Illinois 23432

John Sneddon
23 Gool St
Mandalay 23442

Bill Blogs , 31 Smith St, Maryville, Illinois 23432

Either that or how do I automate a whole column of addresses vertically into a separate column for each address component which I can then make into a csv.

How do I convert a single column of
addresses like this one below into .csv file. Owner: Sue S Address:123Main Street Kalamazoo,Mi.12345 How do I eliminate the titles "owner","address"

Hi Timothy,

So the text has titles, like this?

Owner Address
Sue 123 Main
Bob 406 Pearl

I'm not sure why you'd want to eliminate them since they're useful and not actually included in the data if you create a database from this.

Once you create the spreadsheet, you can just delete the row that the titles are in.

Hi Graeme,

You've got a bit of a tough situation there. If you want to just search for carriage returns and do it manually, see this entry.

If you possible, figure out something that all the first, second, or third lines have in common (like "St."), search for it along with the carriage return, replace it with itself plus a space.

thanks for this, v.helpful :D

I followed the instructions upto step 4. However I do not get the window as displayed in step5, I get a window with 3 fields - an import into Writer.



this worked perfectly for me


Your information was really helpful and worked perfectly for me

hi thank u! uv been great help
and may i say ur beatiful too

Thanks very much for your help. I'm not a big Microsoft fan so I picked up OpenOffice.

I never needed a spreadsheet program all that much until recently. I had always fumbled around with excel or found someone to help me get a basic thing done when needed.

Your tips have helped me make the connections between what I did know in excel and how to use and surpass that in the calc program from Open Office. Thanks.

First of all, thank you very much for your helpfull infomation.
Even though I'm not able to open the database of my monthly calls that I download from my mobile company account;
It works fine with excel but not with Openoffice.
If you want I can send it.

Bye, Gianni

Hi Gianni,

What type of database is it that you download? Text csv, Access, spreadsheet, ?


This post is quite helpful and over two years later. One would think they'd fix the UI. Never, ever, should

calc->File->Open perform writer->File->Open

This smarter-than-the-average-user annoys more than helps.

The problem is when you want to open a csv file which has an extension different than csv or txt.
In this case, you won't be able to use the trick you have described in this post, because if you select 'Files of type'->CSV it won't list your file.

Thanks, but this does not work with the latest OO. Instead of the import dialog above, I just get an ASCII Filter Options dialog. Then no matter what I choose there, it opens the file in Writer instead of Calc.

Looks like I'll have to buy MS Office after all.

Hi Chris,

>>Looks like I'll have to buy MS Office after all.

No, no! ;> In the 3.0 version of OOo it's even easier you don't have to specify the csv file format. I'll bet that's not a real CSV file you're opening.

This didn't work for me. The CSV file still opened as a text file. I imported the file by inserting the sheet (menu: insert > insert sheet from file).


I would like to save an OO calc spreadsheet in CSV
format, and have the formulas saved as well. In excel, if a cell
with a formula is formatted Text, then the formula is
output to the csv file, and correctly interpreted when
read in to either excel or OOcalc. I can't see how to get
OO to output the formulas?


Is there a way to set a default for step 5. My users open up the same .cvs file many times and would like to skip hitting OK on this screen everytime.



Thanks for this detailed article.Your information was really helpful and worked perfectly for me.

Is there a way to reveal codes in OOo Writer. By that I mean showing on screen a symbol showing the location of, and the identification of an otherwise invisible character, for example, a carriage return. This is an option I find most useful in Corel's WordPerfect. I would rather use OOo Writer, but lack of "reveal codes," (or my inability to find out how to access it) is one of the things standing in the way.

Is there a way to save an open office spreadsheet using a mac in an ms-dos csv fle??

Is there a way to set your csv parameters as a default so that every time you open a csv file you won't have to set your separator or field options?

thanks a lot, angel! you saved my life!


Using your method, I tried opening a ".txt" file that had values separated with commas and it still launched "Writer". When I changed the extension of the file to ".csv" the "Text Import" dialog box come up. I am using version 3 of OpenOffice. Maybe they changed it since you wrote this post.

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