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February 08, 2006


If my table have some cells merged, will calculation work ? How can I identify lines and columns ?

Anyone know how to prevent zero values from displaying in Writer using tables? I have a table working out totals from quantity and unit price columns, but only want the formula to display if the quantity is greater than 0. Any ideas if this is possible in Writer, or will I have to use Calc?

Yes but is there a way to calculate the value for en entire column?

Hi Sanguis,

You just have to put in the range, like A1 to A56.


After pressing enter and seeing the result of the formula in numbers, how do you see again the formula instead of the numbers?

Hi Charlotte,

Move your mouse over the cell and a tooltip will pop up.

It's realllllly cumbersome so I strongly recommend doing it in a spreadsheet and pasting it in or choosing Insert > Object > OLE Object, then select Create new and Spreadheet.

Thanks for your answer. Now that I see how the OLE works insert, I think it is better. It also seems to convert to .doc in case the document has to be sent to someone with Word, whereas the formulas in a table appear to become "hard-wired" as actual numbers if saved-as .doc.


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