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January 30, 2006

When You Present Your OpenOffice Impress Presentation, Think PDF


Note: This blog has two related posts, on PDF and links and on PDF in general

Do you give presentations?

On the computer where you give presentations, is the right software always loaded? Do you go through life with absolutely no problems showing your slides?

Most people don't.

You can save your OpenOffice.org presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint format, sure. That definitely works. Or use the portable OpenOffice.org. But sometimes you might need to present where neither OpenOffice.org nor Powerpoint is installed, you might not have access to a USB drive, and so on. There isn't, technically, an OpenOffice Impress Reader program. Not exactly....

What do you do?

Well, cleverly, you have already created a PDF of your presentation, which you can simply run using the Adobe Reader application available on every computer in the universe, except maybe a couple.

You won't have your animation effects or slide transitions, but as a riveting speaker with important things to say, you don't need that.

Pdficon_2To make a PDF of your presentation, just click the PDF icon on your Standard toolbar (the top one). Name it in the window that appears. That's all.

Here's a snapshot of what it looks like in the Adobe Reader. Click on it to see it full size.


Here's a short presentation in OpenOffice.org, and the PDF copy I made using exactly these steps.

To show the presentation in Adobe Reader, you can use the Pages tab to show thumbnails and go from slide to slide, or just use your Page Up and Page Down keys on your keybard. View at 100% or whatever works.

You might not always need to do this, but it certainly does seem like having a PDF backup at all times could be a good idea.

Note: You can also export to HTML, and to Flash! Just choose File > Export, select HTML or Macromedia as the format, and follow the wizard.


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From Acrobat, you can also press Ctrl-L to enter presentation mode. Your slides will now cover the entire screen just as they would when using OOo or PP. Cursor keys (or mouse clicks) navigate the slides as you normally would.

Hi Amos,

>> From Acrobat, you can also press Ctrl-L to enter presentation mode.

Excellent tip! Thank you. I'm more of a mouser than a keyboard person so keyboard tips are always great to hear.


and i have some animation in the same page, the pdf will not be with a different page for each animation BUT a superposition of these different animation in the same page, it convert one page one PDF page but don't one step.
Do you have a idea to do that ?
tahnks you by advance

one PDF page step

Hi Ioul,

"the pdf will not be with a different page for each animation "

PDF isn't animation friendly, I'm afraid. But for standard animation-less presentations, it's nice.


I personally also export an SWF (Flash) slide pres. Both PDF & SWF are small. :)

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