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December 12, 2005


Well the last comment was posted > 13 months ago and I'm still having a lot of the same issues posted here. I have a seperate page style for my cover sheet and I don't have a footer. I insert a page break and enable the option to start at page 1 (new page style as well). In my next section I insert the footer and put in the page number and number of pages. This looks good so far, except when I get to the end of the doc, it says this is page 16 of 18... But I'm on the last page! It turns out it is counting the blank page it inserts in the beginning (Why does it insert this? I have the same content checked left/right as suggested.) And it is counting my cover sheet... If I wanted it to count my cover sheet, I would have left the next page in the new section labeled 2. The blank page is frustrating... I can't get rid of it, but have figured out how to not make it not print via a suggestion above. Any suggestion to solve my "number of pages issue"?

Sorry about the 13 months comment... Didn't see the "Next" Link... :(

Thank you - great help!

Thank you - great help!

Thanks! This has been very helpful. :D

After half an hour of frustration, I was happy to discover the option you described, in the Tools|Options window, to suppress automatically printed blank pages. It works...but the annoying thing now is that in the Print Preview, the page that was formerly blank is now a copy of the following page. It made me afraid that it was going to print twice. It looks like Open Office's Print Preview viewer simply isn't equipped to handle odd-numbered pages on the right or even-numbered pages on the left. Which is ever stranger given that even-on-left/odd-on-right is the way actual books are usually printed.

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to Frank (above) I've been banging my head on my desk for ages trying to remove the blank page from PDF files!


I have an open office document with page number starts in 3rd page.While creating the TOC ,the page number comes as 3.I would like to know how can I create a TOC with page number starts at 1.

you people are so wrong, none of this helped...

You saved my life !!!
Thanks a lot.


I found difficulties in setting up the headers. When I set the header once, it appears on the all pages while I just want the header to be shown only on the first page.
How to make the header only shown on the first page and no header on the other pages?
Your response will be very helpful for me. Thanks a lot before.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the tutorial. It was very helpful. Also it's very well written - short and to the point.

O.k., I have a book. It's 122 pages. And I was starting another book and I couldn't figure out how to add the page numbers. Somehow I printed the words "page numbers" in the upper right hand corner (in the header) and now my book, instead of being numbered also says "page numbers" on all of it's 122 pages.
I am so frustrated.

I am going to KILL MYSELF!!! Why can't I just insert page numbers onto my writing? Why is it so difficult?


Wow -- You just saved my bacon.. thank you! Extremely helpful post and great instructions.

or you could just set the offset of the pagenumber field to -1 :)

Cheers to Frank and Barabas, bth solutions worked nicely - this has been a thorn in my side for a while now :)

Thank you so much, was in desperate need of numbered pages without numbering the cover page!

Easier way for 3.0:

- select page number in header or footer

- right-click, select 'Fields'

- Set offset to '-1', to begin numbering on page 2

What version of OpenOffice will give a simple option, start page numbering from page X? This works, but it is unnecessarily complicated.

Hi David,

For now you just have to use the pagination extension. It's a very nice feature, though.


here is what i think about so many of the info sharers on the net and elewhere. they play with words like they play with peoples minds. i get insultingly appalled when most info givers take the long road right after they tell you they got "the easy way out of the woods" tip. then you end up spending an hour saying wt_? i learned a long time ago "to make it simple and get to the point now not an hour from now".
sorry but i cannot pat someone on the back who is still in the "hunter/gatherer" era when all they've done is complicate matters even worse. my only advice is "make it simple s____d."

This needs updating for OO3 as (for instance) there's no "Footer" tab in the styles dialogue

Thanks. Was a very mysterious process up until now.

thankyou SO MUCH xxxxxxxx

Thanks for the post - I've ended up with an amazing page break, which gives me one blank page and fucks up the whole document

Excellent tutorial, THANKS! :D

Thanks! This worked fine for me in OpenOffice.org calc v 3.1.1. Previously, I had set the page formats for each page individually, and the page numbering got reset to 1 for some pages (but not all... weird!), so when I did a print preview, the numbering came out wrong. But I just now created a new page style per your instructions and quickly and easily applied it to all pages. Now the numbering is correct and I can print my spreadsheet!

Again, thanks!



No one has written in this thread for a long time, but I'm desperately trying to get page numbering working. I found this thread but no one seem to have the same problem I have.

I want to have one first page without page number, then a table of content(no page number), then the main text with page numbers and at last the appendix without page numbers. I have a version where it looks ok with the page numbers, but even if there are no page numbers on the appendix pages, the table of content shows page numbers for appendix!!!!

It is ridiculous that page numbering of a document is this difficult year 2010.

Please help if you know how!

Hi Roger,

You need to have four different page styles; there are four preexisting ones or you can make your own.

Yes, the display of page numbers for the appendix is separate from whether the system knows them or not. This provides power and flexibility.

Here's what to do. It's not the only way.

- Get all the content together including inserting the TOC.
- Create the page styles. Just choose Format > Styles and Formatting, click the Page Styles icon at the top, right-click in a blank area of the styles list, and choose New. Name them MyFirstPage, MyTOC, MyMain, and MyAppendix. Turn on the footer for the ones you want page numbers for.
- Go to the first page. Double-click the MyFirstPage page style.
- Go to the end of the first page or at least to the left of the first line of the TOC heading. Choose Insert > Manual Break. Select Page Break and in the list of styles select MyTOC. If you want to restart the page numbering at 1 select that checkbox too.
- Go to the end of the TOC and choose Insert > Manual Break. Select Page Break and in the list of styles select MyMain. If you want to restart the page numbering at 1 select that checkbox too.
- Go to the end of the main content and choose Insert > Manual Break. Select Page Break and in the list of styles select MyAppendix.

Now go back to the part of the document (TOC, main content?) where you want page numbers. Click in the footer and choose Insert > Fields > Page Number, for the TOC, then go to the main content and do the same thing.

Now right-click on the TOC and choose Edit TOC. In the main window there's a checkbox to protect from edits. Unmark that. Click OK.

Update the TOC again (right click and Update TOC) to be sure it's right.

Now just delete the part of the TOC that has page numbers for the appendix, if you don't want them. There's another way but there's some setup to do for it.(It has to do with excluding certain chapters or headings.)

There are also ways to apply the page breaks and page styles automatically, but you need to create special paragraph styles to associate with them.


thank you so much much, can't believe they haven't simplified this by now

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