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December 16, 2005


Where can I get a copy of the 1200 page tome to add to my web site!!!????

I had a good chuckle with your TOC image -- Good Job!!!

Hi Mark,

>> Where can I get a copy of the 1200 page tome to add to my web site!!!????

Oh, gosh, you know, 20th Century Fox has optioned it for a movie so I'm afraid you'll have to wait to see Will Farrell and Keira Knightly acting it out. ;>

~ Solveig

hi, would anyone know, if I can directly change headings from TOC? (It can be done the other way - headings to TOC, but it takes time...) Cheers


Yes, when you insert or edit the TOC, there's a checkbox in the main tab that says "Protect from manual changes," or something like that. Unmark it, generate or regenerate the TOC, and you'll be able to make all the changes you want directly.


I thought this: if it would be possible to edit TOC while changes are simultaneously made in the headings.
E.g. I changed in the TOC from 1.1 HRM, characteristics to 1.1 PM defined, regenerated TOC and the change was again adjusted to 1.1 HRM, characteristics.
Thank you for reply

I was tripped up because page numbers can be set to Roman, Arabic, etc. in two different ways. I had set the page numbers to Roman numerals in the edit fields box, and couldn't figure why the table of contents showed them as Arabic. After wandering around in the web-site help, I found that the table of contents takes the format from the page box format. Perhaps this should be stressed in the table of contents help file and the Writer's Guide so others don't fall into this trap.

Great "round up" page of popular articles, May 01, 2008. Nice refresher and time saver.

Regarding your link to "Table of Contents", I did notice it offers a pdf attachment of some material you wrote in late 2005 that you might want to dust off and revisit. It regards hyperlinks in TOC when exported to PDF. You remarked,

"Note: The hyperlinks don’t appear to be transferred when you use the OpenOffice.org Export to PDF feature."

Whatever was wrong seems to be working for some time now (2008)? In the TOC my links to other locations in the PDF document work, and regular internet links in the pdf launch the default web browser and access the requested URL (at least, viewing with Foxit free reader and launching Firefox; I suspect Adobe is fine, too).

From this page


you offer two resources. The remark is in the PDF "Lessons for creating tables of contents",

http://openoffice.blogs.com/openoffice/files/tocs.pdf page 12 of 15 or so.

Thanks for your info!


thanks! I'll check that PDF article.


Dear SH:

You have created some nice and informative pages in your various blogs. I've learned a lot but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

I'm doing a longish document with Writer and the TOC is essential. Unfortunately there are many illustrations.

As the TOC grows, the text displaced by the TOC flows nicely onto the next page, but the images are pushed off the page.
Some times sitting across two pages and sometimes just on top of the text that has flowed underneath.

the only solution I can think of is place the toc at the end of the document.

I'd be most grateful if there is another way to do it for hint.

Madrid, Spain

Excellent document. Very easy to read and understand.


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