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November 30, 2005



I have been attempting to print off multiple slide and notes on one page. Is this possible?

I know that I can do one page with one slide and one note, but cannot find out how to have more on one page. I hope you can help.




"I have been attempting to print off multiple slide and notes on one page. Is this possible?"

I think you can use the printer settings to achieve this. For mine it's in the Finishing tab, Pages Per Sheet field. Does this solve your problem? I just tested it and it worked for me.

Thanks for writing.


Have some problems Printing my handouts..

I use the same settings as adviced above, Only problem is that when I print it, the pages are empty.

I use OO 2.0 Danish version.

Been trying with multible computers and printers, seems like its a common problem... but when i search the web i cant find a proper solution to this problem. :(

Found the solution. :)

Problem, all my printers was set to print greyscale, by default.
When I asked OO to print with Default colors it all worked. :)

Is there a way to turn off the background for printing? Since I have a dark colored background with white letters I get black slides with white letters. Is there a way to print the handouts with black text on white background?

Hi Mike,

>> Is there a way to print the handouts with black text on white background?

I think you can get at this by experimenting with the print options. Choose File > Print, click Options, and choose either the grayscale or the black-and-white print option.


I am trying to print handouts by selecting Handout (6 pages per page) and then selecting handout in the Options menu of print.I am selecting gray scale printing from printer properties. But after printing all I get are blank papers. Could any body help me in deciding what could be going wrong?

If you choose black and white instead of grayscale it seems to work as intended. obviously a bug.

I dont understand why theres not a builtin 3 per page notes layout. If you want to print like that you have to manually adjust every time you want to print. Unless im missing a way to save a layout?

Thanks for clearing this out. That default Drawing option made me hate openoffice for a minute. Especially because the Dutch translation says that the drawing checkbox is for printing pictures.

Thank you so much! That would have taken me ages to figure out!

thank you so much- i dont understand why they just dont make it easier. is it really that difficult to add it to the printing page, or even print preview page (which they dont have). just like to thank you!!!!!!!!

I just think that a lot of developers figure if it's possible, it doesn't need to be obvious or easy. ;> I'm hoping for a simple obvious checkbox for this feature, and for the "leave the page number off the first page" feature, in the next big release.


I have tried to use Black&White instead of Greayscale to print handouts without the backgroud. It does work but the problem is that every slide doesn't have a frame with it. It is not nice to just see the outlines listes on the page.

I have just spent excess time trying to figure out the formats, tables and all the excessive crap on OO.
I just want a basic text package.
I'll write in HTML (far simpler)and stuff OO.
Too much bloody options...

Thanks for this great article! It really helps a lot!

I need to email my ppt (in black and white) slides handout? but because the file is too large, I have to make a hard copy, scan it into the PC, zipp it and email it! Is there a better way? please help

Hi Essam,

If the file is too big, see if you can delete or reduce the size of some graphics, perhaps send those separately.

Also, if it is still in .ppt format, choose File > Save As in OpenOffice.org and save it in Impress .odp format. The size might be reduced.


Is there a way to save the handout layout once you get it all configured. The lines you create stay but the slide layout goes back to default.

OK, I am going to answer my own question. If you create a powerpoint like 3 slide handout with lines, OO.o will save the layout when you save the document, as long as you don't ever select another layout from the handout layout list. As soon as you click one of the other layouts all of your work on the 3 slide handout goes away except for the lines you added. So, as long as you are going to always print handouts using the layout you created and you never select a different layout, you are good to go.

Hi Randy,

Yeah, this is a little tweaky--even in 2.3 you can't change, then go back. :(

hola como le puedo hacer en open office para recortar una pantalla, ejemplo cuando le doy en print screen se guarda la pantalla del sistema entonces en el office normal la funcion que busco es la de Crop que esta en Picture.... gracias y espero que me ayuden

Hi Cortar,

I'm sorry I don't speak Spanish. There should be a spanish-speaking mailing list associated with OpenOffice.org. If you direct your same question to [email protected], one of the responders will know the mailing list.


It would be nice to be able to save/import/export the various notes, handouts, etc. layouts.

Considering the various bugs files/duped/commented on but little feedback from the developers, I don't expect to this any time soon.

Unfortunately. :(

Thanks so much for the tip about Black & White printing. I could print them out in colour following the OO help, but got the blank page when I tried greyscale. Black & White prints just fine.
I've been trying to print handouts from OO for about 6 mths.

Is there an option to print more than six slides per page in the handout options? When a set of slides contain simple illustrations, its easier to have 8-12 slides per handout, but I can't go beyond six in OOo.

Hi Rick,

You could set up the handouts with 4 or 6 per page, then use the standard printer features to print two pages per sheet of paper.

Otherwise, sorry, I don't think so. Cross your fingers for version 3.0!


Try this:
1) Open the slide
2) Click View-->Master-->HandoutMaster
3) Handout Master Layout (Right most icon)
4) Check Page numbe or what you wany to display
5) Close the Master View
Hope it will resolve the problem

Open office is shit ive tried again and again i ended up just spending the money and getting MS Office so much better and less stress on how to complete tasks just point click and hand outs are done Thats it its easy just like that

Does this also work with OOo3 ? I did get this working with OOo2 - thanks to this description, but in the new version I can't. The checkboxes in the print view seem to have gone and overall behaviour is different. Any hints?

Hi Jude,

Sorry, this is totally out of date, just go file > Print and pick the kind of output and layout that you want. Much easier.


Hi. I am a new user and instead of printing handouts, would like to convert 4 to a page as a PDF to post to my class. Is there a way to do that?

Thank You!!!

Hi Amanda,

I'm glad it helped! However I'd recommend upgrading to OpenOffice 3.0, in which it's much easier and more obvious, you set it all up in the print window.

thanks alot for the tutorial, i was another one having lots of problems trying to print 4 slides per page. all sorted now, cheers :)

I wasted 20 minutes and got it figured out. In the print option windows, don't click grayscale and use default. You waste some ink but at least it works!!

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