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April 18, 2008



Hi there nice blog. I've been using to develop documentation for a project, and have found it very useful. I especially have been learning a whole bunch about master documents.

Just having a look at links on this books page, it appears that the amazon 'used' section has become dated. amazon only show one new and zero used books.

Solveig Haugland

Whoops! Forgot to turn off my vacation settings on Amazon. Thanks. ;> The used sales through me should be on again now or soon.

Master documents are like, let's say, French cooking -- not obvious, but powerful when you finally remember the five things not to do. That's my experience, anyway.


Jeff Paul Scam

Hi, I found your post really interesting, my friend and I run a small internet marketing business at home. We are roommates, so after our day job, we spend an hour on research and work.

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These guidebook are helpful , they bring online support and contingent services clearing confusion in all means .

aion kinah

Many thanks for this great article.

Denise Olson

Is there any chance you will offer a PDF version of the book. It's a lot easier to find space on my hard drive than my bookcase - and the PDF version is searchable.

aion kinah

Nice article.I very much crazy about this.We are waiting your next article.


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