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December 11, 2006

Announcing the OpenOffice.org 2.0 Guidebook, Replacement for the OpenOffice.org 2 Resource Kit

I am extremely delighted to announce that my OpenOffice.0rg 2 Guidebook has been published!

The OpenOffice.org 2 Guidebook replaces the  OpenOffice.org 2.x Resource Kit on Amazon, which is never coming out. If you've ordered the Resource Kit,  order the OpenOffice.org 2 Guidebook instead.



A Little Background

It's been a long time coming. I had it done in May, but there was much dithering at Prentice Hall. It's not just them -- lots of publishers are facing the fact the publishing is different now, and book contracts have been getting cancelled all over the place. I'm happy to have it back.

Information About the Book

BookresourcesUse the links at left and right to access resources and templates for the book, including links to articles I've written on advanced topics that were outside the scope of the book.   (Also note that many of the advanced topics haven’t changed significantly since 1.0, so the instructions in my OpenOffice.org 1.0 Resource Kit   still apply.)

This Book Resources blog  also includes  links to files I reference in the book, such as a template for adding lines to presentations, and a prefab trifold brochure using linked frames.

You can also make suggestions for an advanced book, if you are interested in my writing one (no promises ;> ), and to submit errata.

To celebrate releasing the book, and as a thank you to everyone who’s written to me and encouraged me through the past few months, I’m posting free content from the book.

Thanks to everyone who has written to me about the book and encouraged me to keep going with it!

Buying the Book

You have several options; order in whatever way works for you shopping style and schedule. I'm happy to have you order straight from me; Cafepress is good too but might be a little slow this time of year.

  • Order directly from me through Paypal -- This is the best approach right now during the holiday season. Just send me an order and I'll send you a book! The book is $28 plus shipping: $4 for media mail, $10 for priority, $12 for Canada, $22 for Europe, and $25 for other international locations.
  • Amazon.com --  Click the "Used" link to order directly from me under the CorbaLinda ID.
  • Cafepress.com -- If the processing times are too long for your schedule in December, feel free to just order directly from me.
  • Bulk discounts -- Just email me directly through [email protected].


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>Order directly from me through Paypal --
>Just send me an order and I'll
>send you a book! The book is $28 plus
>shipping: $4 for media mail,
>$8 for priority, and $14 international.

hello, do you accept orders from Argentina? thanks in advance

Hi Orlando,

Yes, in fact I just sent a book to Chile. But I must raise the shipping for international shipping. I was very much mistaken about how much international airmail costs. ;> I've updated the shipping info in this post. It's $25 outside of Canada and Europe.


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