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February 14, 2008


This is great, thank you for the info.

Gotta wonder though, why did OpenOffice decide to have this box checked, why not format the slides properly automatically when the layout is changed, why are they so small etc...
I've just spent over an hour messing with Evince and Acroread PDF exporters, when ONE SINGLE CHECKBOX was the only thing holding OpenOffice back from being a useful app on its own.

Hi Ben,

There are definitely some surprising defaults. Tools > AutoCorrect > Options > Apply Styles in Writer is one of my pet peeves -- removes automatic formatting when you press Enter.

Great, thanks for this tip. For as long as I've used OOo (since the 1.x days) if I want to export handouts to a pdf I have to print the handouts to a pdf. Now, in 3.0.1, when I do this the new print dialog lets me select handouts to print (good), and how many slides per handout page to print (okay), but it then ignores the slide layout I set up using the method you describe above. It doesn't completely ignore my handout layout, because it uses the page orientation I set (portrait or landscape), but it loses all the size and spacing information. Do you know a way around this?


This trick doesn't work any longer, at least not in OpenOffice.org 3.0-3.2. See http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=94055

Thanks a great deal!

I'm in university and have been searching for half a day for the solution to size my slides nicely so I can fit in some written notes!

Your guide really helped me! (At least for the next few years of my study)


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