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February 07, 2008


Thanks! I'd somehow managed to miss the COUNTIF function. I just replaced a few ridiculously complex formulas with simple COUNTIF functions using basic regular expressions. Great! This blog is really useful.


Is is possible to use regexp in the IF-function as well?

I've tried this function without any luck; IF(B1=-.*;"Negative";"Positive")

Any tips would surely be appreciated.

Hi bsdboy,

I think you'd express the negative as just <0



is the filter function able to filter and show the rows which contain certain word? In excel, this could be done by using "contain", however when i try to do the same thing in calc, it seems doesnt work. pls advise.

Hi Charlene,

To do Contains, you do this type of thing:


just put .* before and after what you want.


Hi - need the formula for the following conditions

I have the following numbers
9 - 15 - 23 - 28 - 39 - 48
in cells A1 to A6

What will the "countif" formula be for wanting to know how many cells hold numbers >20 but <30 ? ie cell A3 & A4


THANK YOU!! I am used to Excel (and the * wildcard), and have been going NUTS on this one, so simple, it's no longer *, it is .*!!! You saved me!!

Hi all!

How would I proceed if I wanted to count the words in a single cell using Calc?

Thanks in advance!


I am trying to get this formula to work in a table using openoffice writer


The function is to obtain the end of the month date and add 1 month

Any ideas

Thank you very much for posting this, and other blog entries. I was having trouble using the filter feature of Data Pilot tables in Calc (I'm trying to take a set of results and filter out those having the string "SSE" in them), and this blog entry told me exactly what I needed to know (use ".*SSE.*" instead of "*SSE*", as Excel would have me do).

Excellent! Thanks!

Hello, Your blog is awesome :-). I was wondering how to use COUNTIF when the cells are not in a range or a separate like maybe =COUNTIF(B13;B15; ">=0". I keep getting error 504

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