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January 15, 2008


I got it installed but I don't see how to use it.

Never mind. You have to close and re-open Writer.

So far I'm not impressed. I entered "This is going be a great day." into Writer and it found nothing wrong with the grammar at all.

Hmm, there should be a new LanguageTool menu with appropriate options for running it.

Hi! I have just added your post on my personal blog. Very good work! ;)

This is going to come in very handy. Thanks.

This is going to come in very handy. Thanks.

I have openoffice 3.0 beta and it wont detect anything do i have to get openoffice 2 instead

I expected something like the grammar checker in Microsoft Word. It turned out to be only a spelling checker.

Hi Yonif,

It is a grammar checker. Close and re-open Writer. It might not look the same way as the one in Word.

very worst

...at least Abiword shows grammatical errors.


I think have loaded the language package.
I still cannot get Writer to flag a single grammar error.

Should not "The ball was painted red." be flagged as passive?

Can we get a more through description of the install and testing of the grammar checker?

Not a very good grammar checker. It did not find a very obvious who/whom mistake.

This is not working at all. I have tried over five grammar mistakes, and did not detect

it still doesn't work properly. it does not catch well like MS words. i even have Open Office 3.0 and it still doesn't work.

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