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May 02, 2007


I've followed the guide but no joy. Still blank address lines however I try it.

Hi David,

I'm sorry it didn't work. Try again in a different document; sometimes it didn't work for me the first time but it always worked eventually.

Love your blog!

Any idea on how you would do a mail merge when you have documents 2-up or 4-up on a page? For instance, if you're printing postcards you may have 4 to a page... but how do you keep [FIRST NAME] from printing the same person's name on all four cards?


I eventually got this working with some difficulty.

I'm using a mysql datasource and found that in the hide expression I had to use

datasource.database.table.column EQ ""

moreover I found that my datasource name oo-email caused the process to fail because it included the '-' character. Changing the name to ooemail meant I had

ooemail.emailmarketing.advertisers.address2 EQ ""

this finally worked but it took a couple of hours to figure out.

Amazing software open office. Would be nice if there was some documentation for such an important feature.

Instructions for Ooo 2.30 (& published 12-15-2007)
This .pdf file has the "Suppress" instructions as different than above:


Along with "hard paragraph breaks] like above,
around page 19, as you will read, and you must to follow instructions too long to put here, the instructions say to use this, in a different place:


and it works... I suggest you ignor this article and reference the .pdf file above for a quick way to suppress a field/empty line in an envelope.

Got this working eventually - nice fix but dont forget
Its CASE SENSITIVE!!!! so if your data source is XmasList.Sheet1.Add2
xmaslist.sheet1.add2 wont work! - took me a while to figure that out!

Good point about the case sensitivity, I'll add a note in the blog.


Thanks for the tip about the alternate instructions, I'll check'em out.


Do you know if you can suppress more than one line at a time. I have suppressed Address2 successfully, but I have another field I want to suppress if empty as well. Address2 goes fine, but when I try the second, it just disappears completely regardless of value.


Hi David,

You'd have to set up everything again for everything you want to suppress -- the conditional statement, etc. But yes, you can suppress anything conditionally using the same approach.

Can you suppress a field that has a space? Like "Address 2". I am stuck working with a file that I cannot edit field names on.

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Do you know if you can suppress more than one line at a time. I have suppressed Address2 successfully, but I have another field I want to suppress if empty as well. Address2 goes fine, but when I try the second, it just disappears completely regardless of value.

I am stuck on getting the suppress instructions to work. The Synchonizing of labels is great for formatting, however I get an entire page of label with data from entry number 1 in my database. How can I get each label to populate with a new piece of data from the database. This works if I turn off synchonize, however then I can't apply the suppress function to every label.
Please help.

How would I go about previewing the data on the labels before printing? I see you have a view there with the data previewed, but I don't know how to do that. Help please!!

Hi Marjorie,
The best way is to just print to a file. Choose file > print, click yes, and instead of printing to a printer, choose File and the single option. Click OK, name the file. Then open that (plain old Writer) file, don't choose to update links if prompted, and you'll see the data.


I can merge to labels into a file OK and open it but cannot format the resultant table. Cannot get the columns to highlight etc. Is this a feature of OO. Cannot find a solution in Help or on the web

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