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September 20, 2006



Hmmmm. A section may not be quite such an easy way to do this.

I always start out writing the body of a document, and then decorate it with table of contents, cover page and so on.

When I set up a document in two column format using the default styles, then try to insert a section that has only column spanning the page, I get a single column within one of the two columns I already have, which is completely and frustratingly useless.

As far as I can tell, the sections are always a slave to whatever page style is in force -- true?

It strikes me that getting use to page styles is the more productive path in the long run.


I guess it all depends on your content, how much of it is in columns and how much not, how important balancing is to your document, etc.

If you want the section/column part to be different than the page size, use a frame and then drag it to a different size than the page. (Insert > Frame.)



How do you switch between columns. I have typed out text in the left hand column and now need to start text in the right. How do I get the cursor to goto the right hand column?


Hi Umesh,

You can try using the diect cursor. Choose Tools > Options > OpenOffice.org Writer > Formatting Aids and mark the checkbox, then click OK. Now you can click anywhere you want. However, be sure to turn off the Autocorrect window's feature where it removes empty spaces. Choose Tools > Autocorrect and in the Options tab, unmark anything that removes empty spaces.

Otherwise, you can't control where in a column you click. If it's important to control where you click in a column, you might want to try borderless tables instead of columns.


Thanks Solveig. It worked. I did not necessarily want to click anywhere. I just wanted the cursor in the right hand column when i was done with the left hand column.


Hi. I'm just trying to learn Writer and have been experimenting with columns. If you want the 'Distribute evenly..' checkbox to appear before you do any real typing try typing the first word you want that will be in your first column - highlight it (select it) - then go to Format-Columns and the checkbox will be there. Pretty bizarre to me too but someone must have thought it was a good idea at the time :-)

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