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July 26, 2006


Wow! Solveig, where can I learn more about OpenOffice.org's graphic capabilities?

I agree with reason 7. The primary reason that I use Open Office is for the Draw program. It was extremely intuitive to learn and it has some great features.

I love the -Connector-. It allows me to have a line between two objects that stays attached as I move the items around. I use the Draw progam to create all of my UML diagrams.



>>> Solveig, where can I learn more about OpenOffice.org's graphic capabilities?

I would love to point you to a host of books on Draw's graphics features but...well, maybe someday. My self-serving answer is that I've got an Impress/Draw workbook at cafepress.com/getopenoffice and my OpenOffice.org book on Amazon goes into quite a bit of detail on Draw. Also check back for blogs in the future since doing cool stuff with Draw is one of my favorite features.

Any other readers know of a bunch of Draw resources?

~ Solveig


>>> I use the Draw progam to create all of my UML diagrams.

Excellent! I think that combining Draw with the gallery for prefab shapes is pretty powerful for UML and other diagrams. It's not MagicDraw or Rational Rose but it does provide a lot of value.
~ Solveig

Yes, OO would be far better if someone did actual user research and acted upon it (Sun? Novell?).

I edited a 300-page book in OO, and the lack of a way to replace "hard return + 5 spaces + tab," for example, drove me absolutely nuts...no, it drove me to WordPerfect X3, which for a writer is light years ahead of OO.

Open Source/Linux won't be sold on the likes of OO. And it would take so little to make it superb.

Clean up the woeful interface (keyboard customization is a new user's nightmare -- as are complex headers; e.g., stop-and-go headers and page numbers on right-left mirrored pages with automatic chapter name insertion in the header - try it, and good luck! I ended up saving my book as PDF and "whiting-out" with Acrobat's text touch-up tools the headers that OO refused to remove).

Linux/OO needs a killer app. OO could be it - if it were put in the hands of developers with a genuine interest in what end-users actually do in their daily work.

I don't even mention the amazing commercial opportunities for a word processor that's outstanding at juggling words (as opposed to formatting documents).

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