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June 02, 2006


Good day,

I facing problem when using IF function in Ooo compare to Excell.

Excel: From this formula if A1 is blank, the cell will be blank also and if A1 have value or word the cell will be OK.

IF(A1=" "," ","OK")

Ooo : Same formula key-in but the result become #N/A

How to set formula in Calc, IF the A1 empty and I want the cell will be empty also.

Please help me..... Sad

Is it possible to use more than 3 levels for subtotals. I know it is possible to do it manually, by using the Data->Outline->Group. But this is very tedious and time consuming for a large spreadsheet. Would be nice to have the 4th,5th,nth grouping options.

Thank you so much for this useful walkthrough.
Could sound odd to you, but I spent ten minutes staring at the Calc screen wondering about how to set the simple "sum" task work, then I found you and your guide :)

When calculating "cost per unit" sometimes it is less than $o.oo and I want it to print in cell as $0.01 ?
I am using this formula: =IF(C83="";"";(IF(B83/C83="<0.00";"0.01";(SUM(B83/C83)))))
which works as long as the correct answer is $0.005 or greator? thats more like rounding and not my formula, I don't undertand?
In "options" or "format cell" it is set to 2 decimal places.
I have tried changing the variable for the "Less Than" and it has no effect...
It will only print out $0.01 when the calc'ed answer is $0.005 or more...

Hi Matthew,

I'm afraid I can't help you much, it sounds like internal programming.

when i use the subtotal function, calc not only inserts little + -signs brackets and 123 buttons on the left-hand border of the spreadsheet, but also another set on the top of the sheet. That is not so bad and even may be useful. The problem is when I remove the subtotal, and the abc/+- handles on the left disappear fine, BUT, the ones on the top remain. If I preform another subtotal, the group on the top expends to 12345 etc taking up more and more space. I have found no way to get rid of them unless I undo everything until I am back before I started the subtotal use. Another way I have found to remove these is to open the sheet in Excel and remove all subtotals. Do you know if there is a way to remove these pesky numbers in calc? I am using version 3.01.

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